One Circle Productions acquires, develops and produces full length screen, television and theatrical work. Our brand seeks thought provoking and reflective pieces of original drama, documentary, and comedy projects providing platforms for diverse voices


Travel Ball


 “Travel Ball” is a very timely story with commercial appeal. The heartfelt sports/family drama

explores the pressures on teen athletes and their parent's expectations in the rapidly growing $40

billion dollar youth sports arena.

A Man and a Woman and a Man based on best seller by Savyon Liebrecht


Currently in pre-production  “A Man and a Woman and a Man” grapples with the two extremes of the human condition: On the one side, death and separation, and on the other, the power of life expressed by falling in love.

Sleeping Diagonally, based on the best seller romantic comedy, Baby Doll by Rinat Gur


A divorced late night radio talk show host who provides her listeners advice about love and intimacy is faced with her own challenges and demons in search for true love and the ultimate soul mate.


Standard Time | A Musical by MSDT


Standard Time is a 90-minute, action-packed and gravity-defying celebration of love’s power to defy the endless cycle of prejudice in modern society. Showcasing Mark Stuart Dance Theatre’s explosive brand of movement and storytelling, 

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Women's Minyan | The Play


This powerful drama expires the gulf that separates social convention from fundamentalist faith in a patriarchal society cutting across religion,gender and cultural boundaries.

Love Lies | The Musical


An award-winning musical tale of love, lies and betrayal.

A tale of three women who arrive at a funeral only to discover that they were all engaged to the same dead man. In this story of love, lies and betrayal – sparks don’t just fly – they explode!

Divine Goddess


The art of sensuality, weaves in music and dance ,The Journey of 5 diverse women in the search to find their freedom of expression. The goddess existence is a pure antidote for blending the imbalances between the sexes that plague society.

Hardly Waiting | Comedy Short


In Christopher’s mind he never imagined that waiting for Rachel will be harder than their actual first date.
A young man, a first date, and a seductive older woman – What could possibly go wrong? In the new film short, Hardly Waiting - Christopher, a high school student with big plans for his first date with Rachel Cohen, the hottest girl in class is about to find out just how badly things can go. When he arrives early and is greeted by the tantalizing Mrs. Cohen, it sets in motion a series of unexpected and hilarious events that threaten to ruin his best laid plans.

Official Selection-The Coney Island Film Festival & New Film Makers New York

Red Light | Documentary


In conduction with Priority Films, narrated by Lucy Liu, REDLIGHT is a powerful feature documentary about child sexploitation, an epidemic happening in every country around the world. Filmed over a four year period, REDLIGHT focuses on the personal stories of young Cambodian victims and two remarkable advocates for change: grass-roots activist Somaly Mam and politician Mu Sochua. 


Business Partners


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Bottom Line Concepts, LLC.

Bottom Line Concepts, LLC is a performance based financial consulting firm. We define performance in one of two ways:

  1. We look back in time to recover refunds that corporations may not realize they are owed back
  2. We look forward bringing our buying power, technology and innovative ideas that result in measurable cost savings. 

Our clients appreciate that we are not incentivized by selling them replacement products or services, rather we are only compensated upon the realization of money by refunds and savings. Our results allow organizations to retain its employees, while increasing profitability and overall valuation of the company.


Seat Serve

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