Burn Advocates Network LTD.

Support burn survivors, as they face the challenges of recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

Whether caused by a house fire, scalding cooking fluid, or an insurgent’s explosive device – serious burn injuries have devastating consequences. Physical disfigurement and emotional scars make the recovery process a long and painful one. Although the “outside” scars require several complex surgeries, the “inside” scars are much more difficult to heal.

We believe that Burn Camps are the best way to support young burn survivors, as they learn to cope with their new lives. In the course of 4 fun-filled days, campers build self-confidence, make new friends, and set the scars aside in favor of ballgames, drum circles, surf lessons and unforgettable camp experiences.

For some campers it may be the first independent encounter with other burn survivors, a step that requires courage and self-acceptance. For others it may be part of a long rehabilitation process, as they mature from campers to counselors. Yet for all it is a refuge where they are not judge or defined by their appearance. It is a place where they can be children, free of worries and focused on having fun.

Burn Camps have also been the subject of much academic research – numerous peer reviewed studies have demonstrated decreased isolation, improved self-esteem, improved teamwork, promotion of coping skills and improved social skills after burn camp participation.

The Burn Camps help children adjust to their altered self image. Laser therapy utilizes the most advanced technology and can greatly improve both physical appearances and functionality of scars and contractures. Our top priority is to make laser therapy available to children in resource challenged countries.

We work to make laser care, without cost, available in every country with a BAN Camp. We want our beneficiaries to have access to looking good and feeling better. With the help of our generous funders and partners, we plan to have 10 Burn Camps in 10 different countries by 2025, focusing on low-income populations where we are needed most.


Pediatric Laser for Burn Scars Center Groundbreaking with American Celebrity Chefs

(PETACH TIKVA, Israel, December 2018) Thousands of children in Israel suffer burns, which leave them with disfiguring scars and disabilities.  Burn Advocates Network (BAN), an NJ based non-for-profit, has partnered with Sheba Tel Hashomer’s National Burn Center to bring the safest and most effective laser treatment to those children.  These lasers, which can both blast away thickened scars and relieve contractures are among the many medical technologies developed in Israel.  BAN’s Founder and President, Samuel L. Davis, Esq., has established international burn camps in Israel (Camp Sababa), India (Camp Karma) and Brazil (Camp Samba).  

At these camps, burn-scarred children unite over music, dance, sports, cooking and other healing activities.  Camp Sababa just celebrated its 10th Anniversary in April 2018.  BAN also organizes relief and rescue missions in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

Mr. Davis developed I-PEARLSTM (Israel Pediatric Aesthetic and Reconstructive Laser Surgery Center of Excellence) to help children in Israel and beyond.  Our research into burn scars will change the standard of care for kids around the world.  “We have already begun training our surgeons in several other countries,” says  Prof. Josef Haik(Director of the Burn Center), who looks forward to the dedication this April.  “Within a very short time we will have a network of satellite I-PEARLS centers in resource-challenged environments, starting with Haiti.”

The addition of laser therapy to the psychological benefits of burn camps will be powerful healing collaboration, says Yiuliana Eshel, Director of O.T. at Schneiders Childrens Hospital and Co-Director of Camp Sababa.  Adds Davis, it goes a long way to ensuring “that no child should live with burn scars.”

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The groundbreaking ceremony will take place on January 31, 2019 in the Matam wing of the hospital.  It will feature a cooking collaboration for the children from Sababa, Israel’s multicultural camp for pediatric burn survivors, led by renown American chefs, who are participating in this Celebrity Chef Birthright – they include:

  • Tom Colicchio – TV personality (co-host of Top Chef), Author & Activist
  • Leah Cohen – TV personality (Top Chef), Chef of celebrity favorite Pig and Khao
  • Gail Simmons – Author & Co-host of Bravo’s Top Chef
  • Jonathan Waxman – TV personality and Pioneer of California cuisine.  James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef in NYC 2017
  • Andrew Zimmern – TV personality (3 shows in 120+ countries), Entrepreneur, and Food Critic.  James Beard Award Winner.

Most of these children were burned in cooking related mishaps.  We have always found that cooking has a special healing power.  This is especially so when children who have suffered burns in the kitchen overcome the trauma by “getting back on the horse,” says Davis.

Following the cooking collaboration and groundbreaking ceremony, the chefs together with their colleagues, will attend a Celebrity Chef Birthright at dinner reception organized by Israeli/American Producer and I-PEARLS Development Director, Mira Tzur.

To learn more about BAN, visit www.burnadvocates.org